Eylure False Lashes

Tons of people are raving about Eylure’s false lashes. They are certainly the favorite of video bloggers and stylists; they are also the most recommended lash sets out there. This is because Eylure lashes are uncomplicated, meaning they are perfect for newbies or inexperienced users and they are not at all expensive. Moreover, favs fake lashes are available in different styles, so whatever it is you are looking for, you will find the right kit you need.

Eylure as a brand has existed for more than 65 years, etablished in the 1940s by 2 brothers who worked as makeup artists in the British film industry. Because of the lack of the right makeup and other equipment needed in their line of work, they began to produce their own. Their first fake lashes were produced with fur and became quite popular with Americans who named them Mink lashes.

If you are looking for the right fake lash set to enhance your eyes, then you can opt for this trusted brand that is also favored by celebrities and stylists. You can choose between individual lashes or strip ones, and they are also available pre-glued. You can find lashes that look natural and more dramatic ones too, as well as in many shades of black and brown. Now if you are looking for the best 5 fake lashes from Eylure, then here they are.


  1. Eylure Naturalites 101

This is the right lashes to make you stand out while on a night out, and many customers agree. It is perfect for that ultra-glam look that still looks natural and not heavy. Moreover, it is reusable and good for those who are wearing contact lenses, which is why they are a hit for women on the go. This set comes with a Lashfix adhesive, and instructions for application and care are included in the pack.


  1. Eylure Naturalites 107

Vintage is staging a comeback, and fans aiming for this look should go for this set. With the angled edge and the smooth finish, they will highlight your eyes, no matter what shape you have. They will also add a lot of volume in the perfect spots. In order to reuse them, you should remove them very carefully every single time you use it. With the lLshfix adhesive included in the set and a total price of less than £5 inclusive of delivery charges, this is a great deal for such great lashes.


  1. Eylure Pre-Glued 050

If you are in a hurry, then you should definitely opt for pre-glued fake lashes. After all, if you are in a rush, the last thing you would want to use your time on is applying these lashes. Moreover, having to put adhesive when you are not relaxed is not the best idea. These lashes are also incredibly lightweight and so easy to apply without any fuss and without having to wait for them to dry.


  1. Eylure Naturalites 010

Lots of people are looking for fake lashes that still look very natural. This set is subtle and the superfine blend will add volume to the desired places without making you look like you are wearing any extensions. Add the fact that they are reusable and contact lens-friendly, and they have earned the right to be in every makeup bag out there. Like other sets, they include Eylure’s Lashfix adhesive, plus application and care directions.


  1. Eylure Naturalites 116

The most favorite fake lashes by Eylure is definitely the Naturalites 116. They are absolutely stunning and give you incredible lash length, so if you are born unlucky with short lashes, opt for this set. Whatever your eye shape, or no matter how thick and long your lashes are, you will not find a better set of fake lashes. As is standard with Eylure Naturalites lashes, they come with adhesive and instructions.

 This British brand has made waves because it is the perfect combination of price, variety and top quality. In their many years on the market, they have created various sets that means all their customers can find the right set for them, regardless of their eye shape, preference and needs. With Eylure’s customer-friendly prices, you can start a small collection of various lashes to have one for every occasion.