Putting On False Eyelashes

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, indeed. Yet beauty also radiates from the eyes of the beholden. More than the crowning glory, women invest in making their eyes appear alive and mesmerizing because the eyes are the first defining facial features that most people notice. They are called the windows to one’s soul, after all. They show if you are sad or happy, tired or zestful. They carry your entire look. So every edge, crease, and space surrounding the eyes have to be adorned and blend well together to create the perfect eye ‘look’ – the brows, the eyeliner, the eyeshadow, and of course the eyelashes.

Since most women nowadays are involved in or have to attend important social events, including those related to work and personal life, the trend of putting on false eyelashes has become increasingly popular. These women know the several benefits of elaborating the lashes, apart from mixing eyeshadow colors and trimming the brows.


Benefits of putting on false eyelashes

People often equate the use of false eyelashes with big celebrations or red-letter days. To a great extent, lashes add to sophistication because they make your eyes pop in an artful way.  Apart from the aesthetic purpose, long and curly lashes increase femininity that nowadays it’s normal to see colleagues and friends wearing fake lashes on ordinary days. If you notice in cartoons, female characters are often distinguished by the presence of elaborate lashes. That is proof enough that society at large identifies women with their lashes. More so, thick lashes, real or natural, protect the eyes from the entry of foreign objects and liven up your weary face because they make your eyes look wider and spirited. Given these benefits, it is no wonder why so many of the females are now wearing falsies and they sure are proud of it. You can even easily name at least 50 women putting on fake eyelashes within your circle. That is how trendy it has become.


How to apply false eyelashes

False eyelashes are designed to be wearable these days. You can put them on anywhere you may be, so long as you have a mirror. The process, once you get used to it, is relatively easy and quick. So after finding the right brand with the right fullness and length of your false eyelashes, here is what you need to do:

Clean and prep your natural lashes. Remove any particles by washing the area gently yet thoroughly. Soap is not necessary. This enables you to avoid particle buildup and prevents the weighing down of your natural lashes. Then, if you need to put on eyeshadow and eyeliner, do them first before curling natural eyelashes and applying mascara.

Apply the glue. There are available eyelash tapes in the market. But if you can’t find one, that’s okay. You can use white glue to put your false eyelashes on. Remember to let the glue sit for 30 seconds or so before attaching the false eyelashes to your lash line. To avoid harming your natural lashes, place your falsies just a little above the lash line. Do not let the glue dry to the point that it won’t stick or it is difficult to adjust once attached. Neither should you allow the glue to be too wet for it may just slip off.

Apply finishing touches. Cover up the seams with an eyeliner and eyeshadow to make the look clean and natural. You can re-apply your mascara and re-curl your eyelashes so the blending is perfect.

Removing false eyelashes is relatively easy as well. You can strip them off anywhere, anytime. Just make sure not to do it abruptly, lest you irritate your sensitive skin. After which, you can wash the makeup off your face.

As a tip, you can try experimenting with different lengths in order to find the best fit. Eyelash length and fullness differ from person to person, and so do the lash line length and shape. Trim your falsies if necessary to avoid overcrowding your lash area. Some people are even comfortable doing just half the length of the falsies since they are lighter to wear. Again, this boils down to your choice.

Some women are unfortunately not blessed with long and curly lashes, so they resort to using falsies. Still there are women who have good lashes who opt to use falsies on some occasions to accentuate their eye makeup. It’s a personal choice to make, though most women who have tried agree that their confidence is boosted and femininity enhanced with wearing false eyelashes.