What Are Pouty Lips?

Your lips are some of the most obvious features of your face. They play a big role in your facial expressions, making it easier for people to see if you are sad, angry, or happy. There are many shapes and sizes of lips and one of them is called pouty lips.

What are pouty lips?

If you’ve seen Angelina Jolie, Mick Jagger, and Marilyn Monroe, you’ll get a sense of what pouty lips are. Pouty lips refer to lips that are full, where there are a defined philtrum and Cupid’s bows. The philtrum is the line from the bottom of your nose to where it meets the upper lip. On the other hand, the Cupid’s bows are the two arches on your upper lip.

Pouty lips are different from big lips. You can say that someone has big lips that aren’t pouty while pouty lips are definitely big lips. If you’re confused, just remember that not all big lips are well-defined. Some are just big.

Lips generally change from childhood stage to teenage years. For most people, their lips reach their fullest shape when they are 18 years old. By this age, you’ll be able to see the real shape of your lips as they will no longer have drastic developments.

How do you get pouty lips?

Thanks to Angelina Jolie’s famous lips, a lot of women are asking how to achieve that well-defined plump that makes people give you a second look. If you are wondering how you can get that full well-defined lips, refer to this article for a few surgical and natural ways.

1.Lip Surgery

Thanks to technology, men and women can now go under the knife to have fuller and well-defined lips. However, you have to remember that you can’t just enhance the upper lip to get the results you need. The upper lip and the lower lip go together so they match each other’s shape.

2. Exfoliation

When you exfoliate, blood circulation on your lips will improve. When there is more blood on your lips, they become fuller, redder, and more kissable. Sometimes, people don’t aim for getting pouty lips; they just want them to look kissable.

One of the best lip scrubs you can use and make at home is brown sugar. At night, for at least 2-3 times a week, apply a small amount of brown sugar on your lips and gently scrub the upper and lower lip. Brown sugar is a great ingredient to remove dry and chapped lips and it makes your lips feel smoother in the morning.

You can also choose to mix brown sugar and coconut oil. This will be a good combination because brown sugar will do the scrubbing while the coconut oil will take care of leaving your lips moisturized.

3.Apply peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is one of the ingredients that are known to cause mild swelling and redness. Don’t worry, this is perfectly safe and the swelling you’ll experience won’t hurt. If you have peppermint oil and coconut oil at home, you can make a DIY lip oil mixing five drops of peppermint oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil.

This mixture will help give your lips an instant plump. If you apply small amounts, your lips can achieve a fuller look without it being swollen and painful.

4. Do lip exercises

Have you ever wondered why musicians using the flute, tubas, clarinets, and other wind instruments have fuller lips? This is because playing those instruments exercises your lips. They make your lips look fuller because your lip muscles are exercised whenever you play those instruments. If you frequently play, your muscles will eventually be accustomed to a more forward position, making them look fuller and more well-defined.

5. Use makeup

Of course, you can always use makeup. Although makeup will not change the shape of your lips, it can at least make it fuller. By using a bold lipstick, you can make your lips stand out and also create an illusion that your lips are bigger. Apply concealer around the lining of your lips so that the sides are more defined too.

You can also use a glossy lipstick or a lip balm so your lips look plump. Underneath it all, don’t forget to apply peppermint oil to create a mild swell on both your upper and lower lips.

Although you can’t change the shape of your lips except when you have a surgery, there are many DIY methods to achieve fuller and more well-defined lips. Doing them regularly will also slowly adjust your lip shape.